WP 1
Start up and Classification



This Work Package will form the foundation for the rest of the work in the project. Information will be gathered from rail authorities in Europe and from railway organizations as the International Union of Railways (UIC) and the European Rail Research Advisory Council (ERRAC). The information gathered will guide the project regarding the direction of the main work, especially after the initial 18-month period.


  • Start up the project.
  • To understand the demography of European railway bridge stock.
  • To collate maintenance problems perceived by bridge owners and quantify their relevance to
    the sustainability of European rail infrastructure.
  • Map existing bridge types and identify the most relevant problems that appear.
  • Identify critical sections for bridges made of steel, concrete, masonry, and composite
  • To seek out details of recently started or unpublished research into bridge construction,
    maintenance and assessment.
  • To identify any legal or regulatory objections to the adoption of new technology.
  • To set (in conjunction with WP2) the research objectives for the remainder of the project




D1.2 European RailwayBridge Demography

D1.3 European Railway Bridge Problems

D1.4 European Railway Research

WP 1

Finnish Rail Administration

Societé National de Chemin des Fers (SNCF)

Deutsche Bahn

PKP Polish Railway Lines

Luleå University of Technology
The Swedish Rail Administration

United Kingdom
Network Rail