Dep. of Building and Environmental Technology
Div. of Structural Engineering


Lund University, with seven faculties and a number of research centres and specialized institutes, is the largest unit for research and higher education in Sweden.
The Department of Building and Environmental Technology at the Engineering Faculty has about 200 employees and an annual turnover of the order 15 MEuro. It covers most aspects of Civil Engineering and Building Technology.


Structural Engineering is one of the divisions within this department, and deals with principles and methods for design of building and civil engineering structures. The research perspective at the division is on design process, system optimization and reliability, applied both for construction of new facilities and for management of existing infrastructure. Important tools are modern experimental techniques, finite element modelling and probabilistic methods, such as structural reliability analysis, which is used to handle uncertainties and risks.


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 Prof. Sven Thelandersson
(Head of Division)


Sven Thelandersson

Lund University
 Dr. Joakim Jeppson


Joakim Jeppson

Lund University