Finnish Road Administration


The Finnish Road Administration (Finnra) provides all road users, vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians alike, with the means of traveling conveniently and safely. It also cooperates with the other parties in the transport sector in maintaining, improving and planning the overall transport system. Being an expert body in this field, it is actively engaged in planning community land-use and traffic schemes. The key to better service to road users and other interested parties is cooperation.


Providing attendant services to road users is becoming increasingly important. Information on road and surface conditions, traffic nuisances and obstacles, and route recommendations are already regarded as basic road services. Finnra also experiments with designs for new road signs and information displays which will keep road users up to date on traffic volumes and weather. surface and traffic conditions.


Maintaining a regional balance is an all-important commitment of the Road Administration.


Nowadays, high priority is given to environmental issues, both as regards the planning of traffic schemes and road maintenance. Finnra is actively engaged in international cooperation within and beyond a European framework. These activities include developing new methods of information, exporting expert services and participating in projects demanding special skills.


Road management - objects and priorities
In a well-functioning society, it is absolutely vital both for the economy and for individual road users to have access to transport services and an adequate road network In this context, road management aims to meet the demands of road users, road traffic and other forms of transport and to adjust them to the objects and special conditions of safety, into a flexible and rational system.


Road maintenance
Any changes in the working environment or in the objects and priorities of road management naturally affect the prioritization of individual management measures.

 Mr. Timo Tirkkonen
(Project Manager

Timo Tirkkonen