Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG)


The Deutsche Bahn AG represents the German railway infrastructure owner as well as the leading Railway operator for long-distance and regional services in Germany. DB AG is a private company with the state as an only shareholder. With a network of about 36000 km track more than 30000 bridges have to be maintained and renewed to secure a safe and continuous operation on the tracks.


The DB Systemtechnik is part of the technical business unit of the DB Group and covers the specialised knowledge, the research facilities and the standards of the system railway.


The Civil Engineering Department is responsible for the standards and the quality of the design basis for the German railway bridges, tunnels and embankments and other structures. We support the teams in the engineering offices and on the work sites, the project managers, designers and supervisors in difficult situations. We are organising meetings for special information and training and we are partners in European panels.


 Britta Schewe
(Engineer Steel and Composite Bridges)

Britta Schewe