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Business idea
”We develop overall solutions for fast, secure and effective project management and project coordination!”

As project consultants and system developers we can always offer you a solution that suits your needs. This includes everything from pure project leadership and co-ordination tasks to a combination of these services with our web-based IT-solution or perhaps just our IT-solution for project management and coordination.

Designtech should always be regarded as the most competent, trustworthy and long-range co-operation partner for our client by continually seeking the maximum customer advantage. This is achieved by using our research competence and scientific methods of analysis in combination with professional co-operating partners.


Designtech ProjectCoordinator
When the Designtech ProjectCoordinator is installed on your server, your organization is empowered with it's very own project portal, accessible via an URL of your choice, for example, where you can log in to your project rooms. This enables you to cooperate using your Internet connected computer without installing any client software. We have 'furnished' our project rooms with all the functions you need during the lifetime of the project such as a document archive with version handling, meeting calendar, project planner for easy follow up with Gantt chart, E-mail client and a project homepage. On the project homepage you can quickly and easily publish, for example, results, documents, meeting minutes, news and contact information that is relevant for those following the project, without having to involve expensive web designers. This is all done in your web browser.

The project lobby is the place where all projects can share experiences, documents and news with others and have access to common documents such as templates, logos or your quality system . This means that you can use a common way to run all projects with for example document templates and project methodology.

For those in your organizations management that have the need to overview, control, coordinate and follow up all your organizations projects we have created the project coordination function to minimize your and your project members time spent supporting those needs. The automatically updated coordinator overview means that you do not have to contact every project leader to get the current project status regarding cost and time.


 Lic. Tech. Pär Johansson
(Managing Director)


Pär Johansson

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 Dr. Patrik Svanerudh
(Sales Area Manager)


Patrik Svanerudh

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