Skanska Teknik
Project Coordinator


Skanska is one of the world's leading companies for construction-related services and project development. The Skanska Group's core business is to develop, build and service the physical environment for living, working and travelling.


Skanska's work is characterised by responsiveness to consumers' needs and the implementation of projects based on environmental concern, quality and reliability. In order to achieve the best possible solutions, Skanska contributes its skills at all stages - from ideas and development to construction, as well as operation and maintenance.


Since its founding in 1887, Skanska has established a global network of operations. Sweden, the US, UK, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, the Czech Republic, Argentina, Hongkong and India are Skanska's primary markets. The Skanska group has approximately 75,000 employees. For further information see



Skanska Teknik
Skanska Teknik is the strategic technical skills centre of the Skanska Sweden Group. Skanska Teknik develops technical solutions by integrating excellent technical skills with hands-on experience from construction projects. Skanska Teknik main activities are within multidisciplinary consulting design and engineering services, as well as design and environmental management for projects worldwide.


Skanska Teknik has 220 employees. The education level is high with a high number of professors, PhD's and MSC mainly within the fields of Structural Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Material Sciences and Environmental Engineering. For further information see

 Mr Jan Olofsson
(Senior Manager/Specialist Skanska Teknik)


Jan Olofsson is Manager for the project and responsible for the co-ordination activities.

Skanska Teknik
SE-405 18 Göteborg
+46 31 771 1319
+46 70 695 8984
+46 31 771 1927



 Ph.D. Hans Hedlund


Hans Hedlund is assistant 

Manager for the project and for the co-ordination activities.


Skanska Teknik
SE-405 18 Göteborg

+46 31 771 1314

+46 73 410 1314 

+46 31 771 1927