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Want Want (HK) Holdings Limited To Set Up Food Processing Joint Venture with Natori Co., Ltd and Marubeni Corporation

Want Want (HK) Holdings Limited is in the process of setting up a food processing joint venture with Natori Co., Ltd and Marubeni Corporation. The joint venture will engage in the manufacturing and sale of snack foods products in a bid to broaden snack foods related businesses. The joint venture will first target Eastern part of China with an aim to launch nationwide by gradually expanding product offerings and sales coverage.

The set up of the abovementioned joint venture, tentatively named “NANJING-MING-WANT FOODS LTD”, is currently in progress and subject to official approval from the Chinese government.

Want Want (HK) Holdings Limited will hold 51% stake in the joint venture while Natori Co., 25% and Marubeni Corporation 24%.



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