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Healthy and Growing Want Want Thanking and Rewarding Distributors

2008 Want Want National Event: “A Journey to Health”

To express gratitude to Want Want’s distributors for their continuous support these years, the General Operation Department invited distributors whose performances ranked top to participate in the event “A Journey to Health”, enjoying a free physical examination at Hunan Want Want Hospital in March and June 2008, following the successful air promotion event? “A Journey to Glory” last year.

A total number of more than 200 guests participated in this event at the invitation with individual distributor or his/her family members as a unit. Want Want Healthcare Center provided these guests with first-class, custom-made and overall physical examination kit services, which not only enabled them to enjoy good-quality services, but also offered them the opportunity to have physical and mental relaxation, as well as emotional communication.

During the process of development and growth of Want Want, the company has established close relationship with distributors. The event “A Journey to Health” was designed to reward these distributors for their joint effort by offering them the opportunity to experience perfect healthcare services. Want Want wishes everyone can enjoy robust health and flourishing business. Let’s pull together and c reate a brilliant future.




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