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Sharing the Experience of Want Want in Listing with Feelings of Want Want Culture

Visitors from EMBA Institute of Finance and Economy, National Chung Hsing University, Visited Want Want Headquarters

(June 25, 2008, Propaganda Department of Want Want) On June 25, 2008, 21 visitors from EMBA Institute of Finance and Economy, National Chung Hsing University visited Want Want headquarters, which was the first time that Want Want welcomed financial elites from Taiwan institution of higher learning.

At 15:00 p.m., the visitors arrived at Want Want headquarters. Accompanied by Dai Mingfang, Deputy Director of Financial Management Department and Ni Chun, Manager of Propaganda Department, they visited “Want” Monument, Company History Exhibition Board, the Golden Plaque as well as other facilities and listened to the detailed introduction of Want Want culture. Huang Lihui, Director of Chairman’s Office delivered welcome speech at conference room and extended warm welcome to all visitors. Deputy Director Dai elaborated on the restructuring process before listing in Hong Kong in 2008, which won high praise of visiting professors. Also, he answered the questions raised by visitors.

It is reported that National Chung Hsing University is an institution of higher learning in Taiwan and the learners of its EMBA Institute of Finance and Economy are all elites who boast years of financial working experience. The purpose of this time visit is to share the experience of Want Want in listing with feelings of Want Want culture.



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